yoga-icon-2About Being Divine

Being Divine is an effort of creating spiritual awareness in individuals and raising there divine consciousness, This organization aims to give spiritual and yogic training to common people for healthy and happy lives.

We offer teachers who are spiritually elevated and have come from all walks of life and religions, they are trained Personally by Acahrya Anoop to teach different courses and meditations.

We offer a wide range of body-mind- spiritual retreats, trainings, courses that includes Asanas, breathing (pranayamas), Chakra balancing practices, meditation, detox kriyas, and a practical philosophy to live a dynamic and divine life with a peaceful heart.

The uniqueness of our courses is that we don’t impose any fixed manuals, guidelines, books, traditions, rules etc… We evaluate each student individually and respect their choices and requirements throughout the programs.

We don’t promise Nirvana (enlightenment) or deep spiritual experiences, nor do we bang you with some abstract spiritual philosophies. What we teach is simple yoga and meditation practices that can be of practical use in your daily life and harmonize all areas of life, including diet, sleep, sex, relationships and work attitudes.


Reasons which makes us special

Have you ever thought about a natural system of healing in which information and methods from other alternative systems can be easily integrated?

Being Divine is the solution.

  • We help you in understanding the human psyche and mind.
  • We help you practically for the attainment of higher states of consciousness, which further guide you for spirituality in which sexuality could be fully and truly integrated.
  • Being divine also guide you where you are able to solve day-to-day problems and focus on worldly issues.
  • We guide you to live contented life, where you can laugh and love, socialize, and have adventure, and be happy.

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