Being Divine is a living traditional registered yoga school based on the wisdom of life! Being Divine provides a unique system of structure and systematic flow of both yogic science and spiritual science. The traditional value of the ancient yoga is blended with a contemporary pattern in an easy going way.

Being Divine is Registered Yoga School with YOGA ALLIANCE IN USA. The teachings are more scientific initially but later lead to a spiritual method allowing for a holistic & well-rounded approach to yoga. For many years, In Being Divine you will find the quality education of the yoga which is hard to find. Being Divine has been increasing the awareness of human beings to live a joyful life and to experience inner fulfillment. The reach towards oneself is the prime objective of the yoga that is taught in such way that one can find the solution of the one’s all problems and conflict with anything. Here finding one’s self is easy because the focus is on inner awareness rather than outward. Our TTC program allows the mind to regain peace and the body to recover its beauty and vital stamina.

At Being Divine, yoga is taught in its full depth and dimension and communicated on an experiential level. The programs provide methods for establishing oneself in a way of life that affirms wholeness and vitality. Whether you are starting or want to challenge yourself, or you want to increase your flexibility Being Divine is the best choice for anyone. The real aim of the yoga is to detach one’s mind from the bodily senses to the soul if you want to feel the presence of the cosmic energy Being Divine is the most appropriate place to give this mesmerizing feel.


Certification by Yoga Alliance & its benefits
We are registered Yoga school from Yoga Alliance, U.S.A. Our 200 hrs domestic course is a certified course from Yoga Alliance USA, which surely supports us to open doors for a great career in Yoga in international as well as domestic market. After you get certification from Yoga Alliance U.S.A, You get following benefits which will surely enhance your career option in Yoga.

Yoga Alliance promotes different aspects of your profile worldwide: with pictures, teaching hours, and teaching experience etc.

Yoga Alliance, helps you succeed in all your yoga endeavors, whether they are professional or personal. They have created these best practices for yoga businesses to help you succeed and thrive. Best practices have been proven to be highly effective, and they are sharing them with the world.